Remote fiber testing and Monitoring


RTU-2 — Remote Fiber Testing and Monitoring

Centrally and remotely managed OTDR instrument for auditing, troubleshooting and continuously monitoring FTTx optical fibers.

Key Features

Smaller, denser and scalable hardware: combine modular andexternal switch (local or remote) to OTDR and scale up to 1024ports per test head in as little as 3U rack height

Scalable EMS supporting over 1,000 remote test units in a singleclustered instance

Fast & accurate: guaranteed HRD testing performance – 5 secon typical PONs with 60cm HRD separation using high-end OTDRmodules powered by market-leading iOLM application

Software architecture enabling automated & integrated workflow(e.g., iOLM, FMS, API)

Most secure solution: IOT type RTU, mutual SSL authentication

Cloud native architecture for integration in private and public clouds

MPO connectors: 16x fewer connectors for faster handling andscalability aligned with OLT card port counts.


Versatile solution throughout network lifecycle, from build to monitor,and across network topologies (e.g., PON, P2P, distributed access)

End-to-end continuity and loss verification in PONs

Massive FTTx network auditing

Automated troubleshooting of fiber-related issues

Preventive tracking of degradations

Restore and repair quality assurance


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