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Ash is one of the best sales and account managers I have ever dealt with. Ash has extensive expertise and a network of associates to get any problem or solution sorted in the shortest time possible.

I rely on Ash to keep my expensive fusion splicer and EXFO equipment in top form, having dealt with Ash for the best part of 10 years I wouldn't hesitate to offer his services to anyone within the telecommunications and data fields and appreciate that he goes above and beyond for anyone that needs his help.

Thanks Ash look forward to the next 10 years dealing with the best. In my opinion it's Vivid Optics or nothing.

Glen Ward

Ash is always great in supporting issues with my EXFO OTDR and all ways available to chat. Suppose any trouble in the field his happy to come out and provide his feedback and guidance. I highly recommend ash for all EXFO products and services. Excellent customer service, swift response.

Director Fibre Network Communications LTD, Rahul Kumar

Very friendly and helpful guys. Ash and he’s team took out their time to explain about their products and understand what I need for the task I had to do. They even provided me with training and agreed to do follow up training in the field if I need it.
Would highly recommend to go with These guys for any Optical and Ethernet testing

David Kumar

It was great experience to have with VividOptics. All communication is very smooth and professional, also great engineering knowledge to share with customer.

Vitman Tuco


VividOptics provides a comprehensive suite of solutions, including SDH, OTN, MPLS-TP, CWDM, DWDM 100Gig, and RF for optical transport networks.

Our comprehensive monitoring services ensure the reliability and performance of critical networks in Telecommunications, energy sector, and data centres, enhancing network stability and minimising downtime.

We solve the challenges of procurement managers in the wireless telecommunication market by sourcing products at the most competitive prices without compromising quality. This is especially valuable considering the complex specifications required by carriers and secondary carriers, which often necessitate sourcing from multiple suppliers. We understand the importance of having stock readily available, streamlining the process for procurement managers.

Yes, we provide training programs to empower our customers with the necessary skills and knowledge for managing and maintaining their networks effectively.