101-220106001 DUCTROD RAPID

Designed to push a duct rod into an underground duct. It is equipped with a flexible clamping unit, allowing you to attach the machine to the sidewall of the manhole securing more stable installation.

Key Features

Adaptable to various manholes.

Effective rod pushing.

Adjustable Torque Distance and Spee measurement for complete rod control.



Item No.: 101-220106001

Rod diameter: 9-25 mm

Duct diameter: 10-40 mm

Installation speed: Up to 80 m/min

Max. hydraulic pressure: 110 bar

Pushing/pulling force:  0-200 kg

Clamping unit range: 475-900 mm

Weight: 68 kg

Length1: 1050 mm

Width: 475 mm

Height: 790 mm

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