Dual port high speed 400G Tester


FTBx-88480 Series - compact, dual-port 400G testers

Compact, multiservice 400G test solution built with 112G electrical lanes and EXFO’s modular Open Transceiver System (OTS).

Key Features

Test multiple technologies, rates and interfaces all on the same platform

Validate two circuits simultaneously with dual-port testing (up to 400G)

Compatibility for both current and future high-speed transceivers

Future-proof 112G electrical lanes for testing 400G QSFP112 optics

Validate pluggable optics (1G-400G) fast with an automated, intelligent application

Multi-port testing capabilities for the field or lab with portable or rackmount platforms

High-performance cooling system means no need for an external fan

First compact, portable 64G Fibre Channel test application (on FTBx-88480 and FTBx-88482 with latest FTB-1 Pro platform)



Boost your 400G game!

Dual-port testing. Field or lab. Future-proof.

The FTBx-88480 Series enables busy technicians to move smoothly and expertly between testing different rates (1G-400G), interfaces and transceiver types—all with a single platform. Available in three configurations (FTBx-88480, FTBx-88481 and FTBx-88482), the series is supported across EXFO’s portable and rackmount platforms for the ultimate in test flexibility. Modular by design, the FTBx-88480 Series includes the unique Optical Transceiver System (OTS) and 112G electrical lanes built to test today’s transceivers, while staying ready for tomorrow’s next-gen technologies.

Discover the FTBx-88480 Series

With so many connectivity points to test and budget restraints to consider, operators need test equipment that can do more—equipment that’s built to handle the latest new technologies as they emerge.

The FTBx-88480 Series of 400G testers helps operators make the most of tight test-equipment budgets. Operators invest in a single, multiservice platform that is flexible enough to test both emerging 400G networks as well as 1G-100G networks. And its modular platform means upgradeability is built-in—so it's ready to handle the evolution from “now” to “next”.

Test twice as fast with dual-port testing

The ability to test two ports simultaneously means technicians can do more in a single day. With the sheer volume of ports in play—like the thousands of high-speed connections within a single data center—fast and accurate testing is critical.

  • Validate two circuits simultaneously for speeds up to 400G—including 1G, 100G, 200G and more—with the same equipment
  • Test main and backup links at the same time and under consistent conditions, reducing technician time in the field and potential for network failures
  • Testing more in a day means more test results are consolidated on a single report, making analysis that much easier


OSFP, QSFP-DD or both!

With the FTBx-88480 Series, choose between OSFP and QSFP-DD test ports or a mix of both.  

  • Choose the FTBx-88480 with its 2x QSFP-DD ports.
  • Need OSFP too? Then your choice is the FTBx-88481, featuring 1x OSFP port and 1x QSFP-DD port.
  • Want it all? Our quad-port FTBx-88482, with 3x QSFP-DD and 1x OSFP ports, is the ideal solution.

Whichever you choose, we’ve got the network test solution that best fits your 400G testing requirements.


64G Fibre Channel testing

EXFO’s 64G Fibre Channel test solution helps test engineers in the lab ensure that new switches and transceivers are up and running reliably. When paired with the latest FTB-1 Pro platform, it’s the industry’s first compact, portable 64G Fibre Channel tester. Available on the FTBx-88480 and FTBx-88482.

  • Fabric-login feature: Enables the exchange of service parameters with a fabric switch, and ultimately access to the fabric in order to reach the targeted node.
  • Buffer-to-buffer credit estimation measurement: Allows for flow-control management by estimating the amount of memory buffers that must be configured at each node for optimal operation of the network.
  • Round-trip latency tests: Calculates the lag introduced by the presence of the interconnection device.


Go modular with the Open Transceiver System

How do you test today’s transceivers, while being ready to validate tomorrow’s next-gen optics? Do both, with EXFO’s Open Transceiver System (OTS). The OTS is an innovative, evolutionary design enabling any transceiver (now or future) to fit into an EXFO test solution.

Experience ultimate flexibility—swap out OTS modules in the field, choosing only the ones needed for whichever applications, rates or technologies under test (e.g., coherent optics, 400G ZR and 400G ZR+).
Save on CAPEX by eliminating the necessity to completely replace an expensive testing module. Instead, swap out OTS modules and extend the life of test equipment.
Support multiple transceiver types simultaneously with a future-proof architecture designed to handle both current and upcoming high-speed transceiver technologies as they are developed and deployed.


Validate pluggable transceivers with iOptics

Too often, instead of checking connectors for cleanliness, field techs discard a presumably faulty transceiver when it just needed a quick cleaning. With thousands of pluggable transceivers at play, this rip-and-replace strategy is racking up more costs by the day.

Enter iOptics, an automated, intelligent test application on the FTBx-88480:

  • Validate pluggable transceivers (1G to 400G) quicker than ever
  • Accurate, efficient way to test for faulty transceivers
  • Validate a full range of transceivers including QSFP-DD, QSFP28, QSFP+, SFP28, SFP+, SFP, AOC QSFP28 cables, DAC QSFP-DD, Bidi SFP+ and SFP

Go beyond the field into the lab

Whether its carrier labs testing out the latest transceivers or equipment manufacturers running tests on manufacturing floors, the need for 400G test solutions extends beyond the field to lab and manufacturing applications.

With the FTBx-88480 Series in EXFO’s LTB-8 rackmount or portable platforms, users can:

  • Get more done faster with up to 8 x 400G test ports running simultaneously.
  • Test different rates (400G, 200G, 100G, 25G) and optics (OSFP, QSFP-DD)

Need to perform different tests simultaneously? Or want to test the same technology across 4 ports to speed up test programs? We’ve got you covered with the quad-port FTBx-88482. Includes dual-test capability on a mix of applications including BERT, RFC 2544, OTN, iOptics and more!

Combine the FTBx-88480 Series with other best-in-class test tools (e.g., OSA, optical switches and variable attenuators) for a full suite of advanced testing capabilities. Learn more.


Pioneering the validation of QSFP112 optics

QSFP112 represents the evolution of the QSFP transceiver form factor. Its streamlined, four-electrical lane architecture delivers a remarkable reduction in power consumption compared to its predecessor, QSFP-DD.

The FTBx-88480 Series 400G test solution offers advanced capabilities for validating cables and transceivers (including QSFP112) in laboratory, manufacturing and field applications. When paired with EXFO’s latest FTB-1 Pro platform, it’s the industry’s only portable QSFP112 test solution.

  • Multi-port, QSFP112 configuration (up to 3 ports in a single, compact handheld solution)
  • QSFP112-types supported: FR4, DR4, SR4, LR4, AOC, DAC.

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